The Tent

The 50 x 90 ft Navi-Trac tent is a space designed to capture the essential elements of openness and comfort and to inspire you and your guests to live the magic of the moment.

The open sides, or if desired, the clear side panels let the natural light in; while the stamped concrete wood floor, and four crystal chandeliers bring rustic elegance to the party. .

This tented space is a labor of love for a celebration of love, that accommodate 200 of your favorite people. The hanging lights bring you to the cocktail patio or the fireplace surrounded with adirondack chairs are close by to warm up or sit back and relax at.

The J-House (Lake Cottage)

This quaint space is available during the day of your wedding for whatever you feel it is best needed for. Either to relax, meet up, or get ready at, this peaceful space offers plenty of seating, a small kitchen, and bathroom; Along with a perfect close up view of the lake, beside the picturesque ceremony site.



Other Amenities

In-ground pool, tennis court, basketball hoop, pool table, ping pong table, boathouse with kayaks, fishing, and trails.

Contact us for more information and set up an appointment to tour the estate.